Adam Whitney 

Brooch 1Adam Whitney 

Brooch 1 (Back)Adam Whitney 

Brooch 2Adam Whitney 

Brooch 2 (Back)Adam Whitney

Brooch 3Adam Whitney 

BroochesAngela Bubash

NecklaceAngela Bubash

Ring 1Angela Bubash

Ring 1 (On Hand)Angela Bubash

Ring 2Angela Bubash

Ring 2 (On Hand)Annika Rundberg

Earrings 1Annika Rundberg

NecklaceAnnika Rundberg

Earrings 1 (Detail)Annika Rundberg

Earrings 2Annika Rundberg

Earrings 3Annika Rundberg

RingCurtis Arima

Royal Blue BroochCurtis Arima

Deco BroochCurtis Arima

NecklaceGabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

Necklace 1Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

Necklace 1 (Detail)Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

Necklace 2Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

Necklace 2 (Detail)Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

BroochGabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

EarringsGabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

Earrings (Back)Marilyn da Silva

NecklaceJack da Silva

RingJack da Silva

Bracelet 1Marilyn da Silva

BroochJack da Silva

Bracelet 2Marilyn da Silva

BraceletJulia Barello 

Necklace 1Julia Barello 

Necklace 1 (Detail)Julia Barello 

Necklace 2Julia Barello 

Necklace 2 (Detail)Julia Barello 

Necklace 3Julia Barello 

Necklace 3 (Detail)Julia Barello 

Necklace 4Julia Barello 

Necklace 4 (Detail)Kat Cole 

NecklaceKat Cole 

Brooch 1Kat Cole 

Brooch 2Kathleen Kennedy 

Brooch 1Kathleen Kennedy 

Brooch 2Kathleen Kennedy 

Brooch 3Kathleen Kennedy 

Brooch 4Matt Jackson 

Brooch 1Matt Jackson 

Brooch 1 (Detail)Matt Jackson 

Brooch 2Matt Jackson 

PendantMatt Jackson 

Ring Melissa Cameron 

BroochMelissa Cameron 

Pendant-Brooch (Detail)Melissa Cameron 

Pendant-Brooch Melissa Cameron 

PendantMelissa Cameron 

Pendant (Detail)Rachelle Thiewes 

Earrings 1Rachelle Thiewes 

Earrings 2Rachelle Thiewes 

Earrings 3Sarah Holden 

Necklace Raïssa Bump 

Necklace 1Raïssa Bump

Necklace 2Raïssa Bump 

Necklace 3Raïssa Bump 

Necklace 4Raïssa Bump 

Necklace 5Sarah Holden 

BraceletSarah Holden 

RingSarah Holden 

Ring (On Hand)Sidney Caldwell Deaghlan 

BroochSidney Caldwell Deaghlan 

Necklace 1Sidney Caldwell Deaghlan 

Necklace 2Stephanie Voegele 

Necklace 1Stephanie Voegele 

BroochStephanie Voegele 

EarringsStephanie Voegele 

Necklace 2Suzzane Pugh 

BroochesSuzanne Pugh 

BroochSuzanne Pugh 

Necklace and Brooch
Finished Works
Here you can see the complete finished works by the artists participating in the Radical Jewelry Makeover Artist Project.

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