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The Artist Project
A small group of artists from across the country who previously collaborated with Radical Jewelry Makeover were invited to dive more deeply into the motivations and questions of the project. As past participants, with prior exposure to the values of RJM, they were asked to create a series of work using donated jewelry leftover from all previous donation drives. While making their pieces, we asked them to consider a series of questions:
• How have you been influenced by the project?
• How do you weigh what techniques and materials you will use?
• How are creative license, personal safety, environment, and social responsibility factored in to your choices?
• How do you anticipate future uses for the materials that you are using?
• Will a jeweler in the future be able to reuse your piece by disassembling or melting down the metal?
This portion of the website shares the artists’ brainstorming and decision-making before, during, and after completion of the work. Through this new facet of the project, we hope to encourage an honest conversation about the difficulties facing jewelers who are trying to employ wise studio practices that cause little harm to both the environment and human health.