Kat Cole
How are creative license, personal safety, environment, and social responsibility factored in to your choices?

I have chosen ways of working and materials that take into account environmental issues and my personal health. When I began using tin, I really loved using a material with zero impact that had very few health or safety issues. As my work as continued to grow I have begun to move away from tin and use more raw steel and enamel. Steel still a very low impact material since most in circulation today is recycled, but I have had various challenges adapting my studio practices. Using steel and variety of enamel techniques has forced me to be more considerate of my health in the long run and take further precautions when I’m working.

How do you anticipate future uses for the materials that you are using?

Using materials that are predominately used in industry like steel and liquid form enamel, I do not foresee much of a change in price or availability in the near future. But my studio practice is always growing and changing so who knows what types of materials I will be using in the future.

Will a jeweler in the future be able to reuse your piece by disassembling or melting down the metal?

No, but it might be able to be sold for scrap to a scrap yard. I sort of like the mental image of a piece of mine outside with other industrial scrap steel rusting away into nothing.
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