Elaine Butcher
How are creative license, personal safety, environment, and social responsibility factored in to your choices?

This question has a few different connotations to me. Creative license, first makes me think of the original designers of this jewelry, why would they make the piece this big, out of these materials and who bought it? Then I think about my own aesthetic and why I am drawn to the piece and how I can augment the original designers vision into one of my own. I think that it is my responsibility to make pieces that people want to wear. Jewelry that is comfortable and serves a purpose instead of being discarded.
E Environmental and social responsibility comes is a very important aspect of being a maker. I often think about the trade offs of using something mined that is exactly what I want versus using something recycled that might be not quite what I had in mind. What do you sacrifice? My decision changes with each project.
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