Deb Lozier
n my original stash was 1/2 of a green, wooden bracelet. I thought it was a good color, and I love using found wood, but this was truly flawed. There were a bunch of holes drilled in it, and not so skillfully, plus a big, ugly crack down the middle. I decided to put it in the give-away pile. I even laughed and told everyone I think this piece was ready for the compost pile. But later on Marilyn picked it up and said, “Deb, this so looks like you.” It had been taunting me there, on the table as I would walk by it through the days working in the studio. I decided to take it back and give it another look. A hard look because I still felt those uneven holes just ruined the form. I started filing at them, then sawing through a few of them, and then I had an epiphany and decided to saw it in half, right down the middle. I slid my saw blade through one of the holes and found a great treasure hidden inside. The unevenly drilled holes left their memory in the wood and became a fresh design element. The two parts now formed a circle. Adding a precious red bead, and a little silver hand made square completed the sketch. At this point, its my favorite composition. Sometimes you have to dig deep, and then a little bit more to find the true potential.
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