Deb Lozier
An interesting thing is surfacing about limited resources...what makes an object precious? It is rarity I think more then how much it costs. Just think of the last piece of cake or the last bit of an ice cream cone. Some of these silly little beads are becoming precious to me, which is something I have always tried to resist. I like to use things with no value, then bring the value to them. It is fear based I think. I do not have to risk ruining anything if it began as unwanted. But if I only have 2 white plastic beads, I find myself feeling hesitant. They are not replaceable. They become one-of-a kind and rare in my pile of discards, taking on a completely new life. Experimenting with abandon is an important part of my process, yet I am finding that this requires quite a bit of waste. Even if the materials can be easily replaced, I am creating waste. But experimentation is dependent on making mistakes and moving on. This is a sticky issue for me. Not the first time – but lately this keeps coming up – and it always takes me by surprise.
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